New Rules and Regulations for this year’s show.  



Hancock County Fairgrounds

Findlay, Ohio

August 4, 2018

10:00 a.m. Garden Tractor Pulls

12:00 p.m. Exhibitor Fun Tractor Pull

4:00 p.m. Pure Stock Antique Pickup Trucks





Eligibility of Contestant:

All drivers must be able to control all controls of the tractor from the driver’s seat. All minors must submit consent of parents or guardian to enter the contest. Such a statement must be turned in at the time of entry. Each contestant enters the contest at his/her own risk or that of the parent/guardian and recognizes that he/she may be held responsible for any accident or injury incurred or property damage to others caused by him/her or his/her tractor. Upon entry, each driver agrees to release all officials from responsibility or claim for any liability.

  1. Contestants must be 16 years of age with parent/guardian signed consent.
  2. No weight frame or weight may extend more than 12′ from center of rear axle.
  3. All tractors must be equipped with a hood, grill, and fenders, and retain stock appearance.
  4. All tractors cannot be more than 3250 rpm at high idle.
  5. All tractors at each pull will be checked by the same Tach, and the same operator, and must have a working governor. The Tach operator’s decision will be final.
  6. Tractors must have stock block, stock heads, and/or their replacements, are to remain unchanged in outside appearance.
  7. In line pumps can be used up to and including “P” series injection pumps.

General Requirements:

  1. Contest open to all farm tractors with rubber tires. No four-wheel drive allowed. No dual tires, tire studs, or chains permitted. All power must be transmitted through the wheels.
  2. Minimum drawbar length, 18 inches from center of rear axle to point of hook. Drawbar is to be stationary in all directions. Maximum height of the drawbar is no to be more than 20 inches from top of hitching device to a parallel point to ground.
  3. Drawbar must be equipped with steel hitching device not more than 1 h inches in thickness, and with a
  4. 3 3/4 inch diameter opening. Cross sectional thickness must be 7/8 inch minimum. Pulling point may not be more than 1 h inches from the back edge of the hitching device. No clevises.
  1. No pressurized fuels allowed — except in U.L. approved pressure tanks. No secondary fuels or tanks containing secondary fuels allowed on the tractor. No alcohol fuels of any type.
  2. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the sled hitch during a pull.
  3. All weights must be safely secured to the tractor and must not extend beyond rear tires. Any ballast or external parts lost while hooked to sled will be cause for disqualification. (Internal parts accepted).
  4. All tractors must be equipped with workable rear wheel brakes.
  5. The use of torque converters, automatic shifts, etc, will be permitted.
  6. Tractor must have stock or replacement manifolds. Manifolds may be adapted to fit turbo.
  7. Only one turbo allowed-single charger.
  8. Gas and LP tractors must use carburetor.
  9. Water injection allowed


Safety and Tractor Operations:

  1. No front wheels more than 36 inches off the ground at any time.
  2. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
  3. Operator must remain seated during the pull, and must have complete control of the tractor at all times.
  4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to pulling will mean disqualification.
  5. All tractors must pass a safety inspection.
  6. Tractors must be stopped immediately upon signal from judge. The pull shall be considered over when forward motion of the load stops.
  7. All tractors must be in neutral or park (transmission selector) while being hitched or unhitched.
  8. Wheelie bars and kill switches required and SFI scatter blankets required with a width of a min of 14″.
  9. Any loss of excessive liquid by tractor while on the track may cause for disqualification except for loss due to internal breakage.


Operation of Contest:

  1. Each tractor may be entered in more than one class, but only once in each class.
  2. Contestant must pull in position drawn. Intentional delay will mean disqualification.
  3. All pulls must start with a tight hitch. No jerking permitted. Contestants will be allowed two attempts and fifty feet to start the sled. Distances will be measured from the front of the sled.
  4. Tractor must remain within the boundaries of contest course during the pull or will be disqualified, including test puller. The sled does not have to stay within the boundaries.


General Rules:

  1. Violation of any rule shall constitute a disqualification.
  2. Contest will be governed by judge or judges, and all decisions are final. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify a tractor if it is not operating in what would be considered a safe manner.
  3. The top three finishers in each class will be checked out after competing for the following:
  4. Drawbar Height
  5. Weight of tractor
  6. Tractors will be checked until top three are legal.
  7. Judges may check any money winner.
  8. Any competitor entered in the class can protest another entry in the class by posting $50 cash which will be forfeited to the protested entrant if found to be legal or returned to protestor if entrant is illegal. Protest must be made before the official completion of the class.


6500 Stock Antique Trucks

$10.00 Entry Fee       50% Payback   MUST HAVE NOAMA MEMBERSHIP

  1. 1989 and older gas or diesel
  2. Weight can be added but not exceed 60 inches from center of axle
  3. 20 inch hitch height
  4. No bar or studded tires
  5. Must have factory transfer case
  6. Must have complete bed and doors. Flatbeds are allowed
  7. No nos or special fuel (aviation or alcohol)
  8. Blocks are allowed
  9. Driveshaft loops are permitted
  10. Aftermarket exhaust and cards allowed
  11. Must furnish own clevis or d-ring
  12. Any item falling off truck is means for disqualification with exception of driveshaft breakage
  13. Driver must be legally licensed and must show proof at signup

All decisions by inspectors are final            $500 protest fee