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Although the first show of the Northwest Antique Machinery Association wasn’t held until 1972, several Bluffton-area men were earlier asked to show some antique machinery and put on a Wheat Threshing Demonstration for a local event.

Their efforts proved to be so much fun and created such interest they decided to form what is now the Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Association. Bluffton granted the Association permission to begin clearing the Village Farm for the first show held in August of 1972.

The first officers of the Association were:

  • Robert Flick – President
  • Gene Schmidt – Vice President
  • Berdell Huber – Secretary
  • Richard Moyer – Treasurer

The group had 10-15 member families at the time and by 1974 had grown to more than 200 members

The Association continued to hold their shows at the Village Farm until 1980. The Association realized that if the show was to continue to grow it would need a larger site. With the addition of a fourth day in 1983, attendance had grown to over 10,000 visitors. Many more crafts and a flea market were added and more unusual pieces of equipment were featured.

What was once an idea by a small group of men has grown into a large organization of enthusiasts dedicated to keeping alive the Agricultural Heritage of our fore fathers.

It had also provided a lot of fun to both participants and on-lookers through the years as well!

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